This web site is dedicated to helping students of the Spanish language learn the uses of Ser and Estar and determining when to use Ser vs. Estar.  Why have a web site entirely dedicated to the topic of Ser and Estar?

As a native Spanish speaker and a Spanish instructor, one thing that I have noticed is that students who are learning Spanish often have trouble differentiating when to use Ser vs. Estar. This is especially true for students whose first language is not a romance language or for students whose first language is English. 

This is because unlike the Spanish language, the English language only has one verb “to be.” However, in the Spanish language there are two verbs that can mean “to be.” And those two verbs are Ser and Estar.

Ser which is used to express permanent or enduring conditions, states or situations. And Estar which is used to express or describe temporary conditions, states or situations and also to show locations.

It is important to learn the difference between these two Spanish verbs and when to use each one. Because depending on which of the two verbs you select, you can completely change the meaning of a phrase. And this can cause a great deal of confusion on the part of the listener.

But don’t fret!

With my video Spanish lessons and written Spanish lessons here at, I will make it fund and easy learning when to use these two Spanish verbs.

I am committed to not only helping you learn the uses of Ser and Estar in Spanish, but also helping you to develop a greater understanding of Spanish grammar which will in effect help you to converse better in Spanish, and ultimately help you to achieve fluency in Spanish.

As we say in Guatemala!

Rosy Guerra


Ser And Estar Verbs

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Ser And Estar Verbs

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PDF file Copyright By David Brian Roby 2007
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images of Ser And Estar Verbs

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Ser And Estar Verbs images

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Ser And Estar Verbs images

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PDF file Estar = Ser + P Ángel J. Gallego & Juan Uriagere
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Ser And Estar Verbs photos

PowerPoint file SER And ESTAR
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images of Ser And Estar Verbs

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PDF file When To Use SER Or Estar
When to use SER or Estar Both verbs mean "to be" but are used for different reasons: Use SER for describing inherent characteristics, identifying people, places and things, and origin or nationality. … Read More

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T HE LINGUISTIC PROBLEM In addition to ser and estar , there are a number of Spanish verbs which may, depending on the context, be translated as English to be , including haber, hacer, tener, quedar, sentar, verse, salir, hallarse, encontrarse and resultar . … Fetch Doc

PDF file Acquisition Of Copulas ser And estar In Spanish: Learning …
Because our data does not show a significant difference between child rejection of target sentences in the ser condition and child rejection in the estar condition and children performed significantly lower than adults on both verbs, it may be that this experiment was too difficult. … Access Doc